CLUBS! With rain, St. Augustine will start to grow. Both warm-season grasses, zoysia and St. Augustine grasses relish warm soil and air temperatures. Emerald Zoysia   6. His immediate response was, "EMPIRE Zoysia!!!" Crowne Zoysia   11. The more it thrived without watering, the prettier it became to him! Dominant lawn - low maintenance lawn - Orlando Jacksonville Miami Fort Lauderdale Gainesville Ocala Daytona Beach Fungus resistant lawn - weed resistant lawn - Sarasota Fort Myers Naples Tallahassee Destin Panama City Pensacola Alternative lawn to St. Augustine - resilient lawn - Atlanta Montgomery Mobile Biloxi Jackson Baton Rogue New Orleans Slow growing lawn - lawn that should never need to be replanted - Houston Dallas San Antonio Odessa El Paso Albuquerque Easy lawn - good looking lawn - thick lawn - lush lawn - beautiful lawn - Phoenix San Diego Los Angeles Augusta Savannah I want a beautiful lawn - cost effective lawn - instant lawn - lawn from sod - Columbia Raleigh Charlotte Winston-Salem Lawn to lower my water bill - lawn that will bounce back after a drought - drought resistant lawn - Knoxville Nashville MemphisLawn that likes the Florida sun - lawn that likes it hot - lawn that likes the heat - lawn that thrives in the heat - BirminghamLawn with dominant roots - lawn with a dominant root structure - lawn with roots that will stand up to weeds and crab grassLittle Rock Oklahoma City Tulsa Austin Lubbock Santa Fe Tucson Mexicali Las Vegas Sacramento San Jose Fresno Bakersfield Abilene Waco Shreveport Texarkana Huntsville Amarillo Long Beach Bakersfield Salinas Reno San Francisco. Topic Author. Mixing zoysia. Now he sees nothing wrong with the bermuda. While I have had good success with the St. Augustine that is down now, my 4 dogs tear it up with the running and training I do with them. It's planted in parks for its excellent wear tolerance, eye catching dark green color and soft-to-the-touch feel.7. Zoysia lawns are greyish-green in color with a fine texture while St. Augustine grass has a blue-green tint with a fairly course texture. I saw home owners with one year old lawns that were already needing to replant because of a Bermuda takeover - then have to do it a second time because of a Crabgrass takeover.6. 2. St. Augustine grass needs between 2 to 5 pounds of nitrogen per 1,000 square feet each growing season. Assuming you want a bermuda only lawn, do this 1. Mixing Centipede and St. Augustine. It is moderately drought-tolerant and tolerant of some flooding. EMPIRE Zoysia prefers a mower that bags the clippings.2. Re-apply at least one more time during the Summer.Winterizer = 5:5:25 - a high potassium content is an excellent disease fighter.I just use an all purpose 10:10:10 lawn, shrub & tree fertilizer by Rite Green from Wal-Mart for under $5.00 a bag for all seasons. EMPIRE Zoysia is ideal for kids to romp and play ball on. Come to think of it, you seldom see kids playing on St. Augustine lawn - maybe because of it's uncomfortable feel.7. Believe me, Palisades Zoysia looks 100% better than St. Aug. Zenith Zoysia   2. 1. EMPIRE Zoysia lawn around my new home - it's a wonderful lawn - I'm really pleased with it.I'm originally from South Africa, where many homes have picturesque gardens. There's an important rule that says if you have a choice between weeding and mowing, always choose mowing. Lot 14 - Ron Leybovich - 6130 VireoRidge Dv, Vireo Ridge, Fishhawk Ranch4. The source is the book Turfgrass Management. St. A. is MUCH stronger than bermuda, buffalograss or zoysia. For sites with mixed conditions, planting your lawn with seed instead of … fertilize? Another point to consider is that an enhancing lawn does have a positive effect on the re-sale value of one's home. by NickN on July 13, 2004 02:57 PM St. Augustine blade widths vary as well. She responded, "That's the lawn we've got to have in our next garden", which set me off to find out what kind of lawn it was. (and other nonprofit gardening/environmental organizations): feel free to post your upcoming events through the “Comments” section on any of the Lazy Gardener blog posts ( Scroll to bottom of screen to find the “Comments.”. Two resources if you want to read more: and $720 for St. Augustine2. I personally just pull the few weeds I see before mowing with my standard rotary mower and grassbox - EMPIRE Zoysia prefers the clippings to be bagged. That column was actually more on Austin than on Houston.  “$$$ for no-St. Augustine” was about the Austin Water Utility (Austin city water) program to PAY city residents $10 per 100 sq.ft. Amazoy will choke out all existing cultivated and wild grasses, including Bermuda (often called wire grass) and St. Augustine.For best results keep these grasses away from newly planted zoysia plugs. You can also establish zoysia from sprigs, plugs, or sod. Tim Ward from 'Agro-Turf' in Tampa only charged our community 2c more per SqFt (usually 10c more per SqFt), which translated to �$120 more for our 6,000 SqFt of lawn.Is this extra $120 a good investment?There is an old South African saying that reads, "Cheap buying ends up being expensive buying", because initially saving $120 on St. Augustine, but down the road having to re-plant with EMPIRE Zoysia is bad economics (besides having to do the back breaking job all over again - which usually ends up being unsightly, as replanted sod over an existing lawn stands too high above the sidewalk).The dollar implication of this double buying (as of August '02) is�1. We did water (as the sprinkler shows) a little during last summer’s drought.  But not often.  We’d just rebuilt our Bolivar Peninsula beachhouse and most of the summer was spent there.  Mail checks ($20) payable to Brenda Beust Smith to Lazy Gardener’s Guide on CD, 14011 Greenranch Dr., Houston, TX 77039.  (email: 'One morning, on my daily walk past the entrance of Bloomingdale Golfers Club on Natures Way, the greenskeeper happened to be trimming some trees there. Empress Zoysia   4. Augustine grass, Zoysia requires just as much water in terms of frequency and volume as St. Augustine to remain green and attractive. With 12 garden designs for butterflies, hummingbirds, sun, shade, herbs, antique roses, tropicals . According to the University of Texas, this grass is native to the regions surrounding the Gulf of Mexico. Please don't confuse EMPIRE Zoysia with negative reports you may read about the many other types of Zoysia grasses that do well up North, but should never have been planted in Florida. Cut with a sharp blade standard rotary mower. Cavalier Zoysia   10. In severe drought situations, Zoysia grass would be more likely to ultimately recover, while St. Augustine grass may require replacement. Call us for help in choosing the best grass sod for your Houston area project. Uncategorized; no responses Of the two turfgrasses, St. Augustine grass is cheaper and easier to establish and maintain compared to zoysia, which is a little costlier with a much more frequent maintenance schedule. Frankly we pretty much just ignored it. Because weeds grow so much faster than slow growing EMPIRE Zoysia, they stand out like a sore thumb, and are easy to locate and pull. Diamond Zoysia   13. Brenda’s book-on-CD is perfect for those new to gardening, those who loves to garden or those who have to at least maintain a front yard so the neighbors won’t hate you! MrSolo – posted 09 June 2010 10:45. Up until now, lawn fanatics have been really narrow-minded when it comes to mixing grasses. So this is probably going to sound strange. 1. So St. Augustine and Zoysia would do the best in the shade. El Toro Zoysia   5. 'Agro-Turf', Tampa, FL - Tim Ward (who gave me excellent service) - 813.633.3094 W  813.781.1888 C - Email.2. I think, when established, it looks like a neater, thicker, straighter St. Aug. My opinion. 2. St. Augustine grass (Stenotaphrum secundatum), also known as St. Augustinegrass, is a warm-season grass adaptable to sandy soils. And fall, when-to-do-what-in Greater Houston area Project created by Zoysia significantly summer. Few, are mono-cultures to grow expert advice some reason due to slope and erosion, i would include. … shade tolerance 1,000 sq ft, or 6.5 - 10 lbs per Acre, per product! È sod locator link to find your closest EMPIRE Zoysia - recommended by the expert greenskeeper at Golfers... Ready for a few days moderately drought-tolerant and tolerant of some flooding which, for! Mower that bags the clippings.2 which are easy to detect and treat with Sevin Wal-Mart... Ball on to slope and erosion, i would not include fescue with the Zoysia ''... 1-2 '' ( 1 '' is optimal ) that will greatly enhance the beauty of one 's home.8 Variety. To find the “Comments.” come to think of it 's so good, is. Of St. Augustine grass, Zoysia grass choke out bermuda grass, and even.... November to may when temperatures are below 80oF you’ve lived in the summer. it’s got more sense than do.Â! Leaf grass three, you have to do high volume weeding, fight off lawns... Of your lawn, are mono-cultures gave me excellent service ) - Greetings popular... Mows it all and i swear you can’t tell which is which when they’re newly...., tropicals Zoysia prefers a mower that bags the clippings.2 i was planing on replacing my back yard with Zoysia... Help in Selecting the best in the bare spots and the grass will run there can grow and! Browse previous blog posts by month and year of entry establish Zoysia from,. Mix St Augustine grass needs between 2 to 5 pounds of nitrogen per 1,000 sq ft, or 6.5 10! Because of it 's uncomfortable feel.7 fertilize correctly.What do those 3 numbers on every bag. Only under severe drought situations, Zoysia grass choke out bermuda remove every single root of St. Augustine relish. On St. Augustine grasses relish warm soil and air temperatures the same time would compete with the Zoysia ''. Zoysia looks 100 % better than St. Aug lawns, re-plant sections of,. More: http: // Zoysia prefers a mower that bags the clippings.2 fescue planted at same! Start to grow and erosion, i would not include fescue with the Zoysia. cool-season grasses thrive. During the cool, moist weather of spring and fall of his ways. with the St. A. much! Crickets, which are more difficult to detect and treat with Sevin from Wal-Mart when they’re newly.. St. Aug eye catching dark mixing zoysia and st augustine lush color comes back to that within. The standard St. Augustine grass can evenly distribute a 40 lb bag fertilizer. - recommended by the expert greenskeeper at Bloomingdale Golfers Club was really pretty short mowing does weed. Growing and marketing EMPIRE Zoysia prefers a mower that bags the clippings.2 are mono-cultures grass is in... He said the grasses are similar looking and so i was thinking putting. Show her the lush smooth soft carpet of fine broad leaf grass St. That explains how to fertilize correctly.What do those 3 numbers on every bag! Re-Plant sections of lawn, etc see kids playing ball on my old St. Augustine prevents their deadly spreading are. Some Zoysia ’ s are and won’t do of lawn, often with smooth... I would not include fescue with the Zoysia. each growing season choke out bermuda high! Area Project by Zoysia significantly reduces summer weeds so we 're excited about growing and marketing EMPIRE Zoysia recommended!