I really like the split layout of the EZ but also am a fan of the concave key Wells on the kinesis. How to configure your ErgoDox to feel like a Kinesis; The Field: Many aficionados of ergonomic keyboard design believe the Kinesis Advantage is the finest ergonomic keyboard ever made. You can also store predefined macros via the software, You can also define and play macros on the fly (those are added to your profile), Unfortunately, you cannot put the switch to a profile on a specific key. Unfortunately there are no German or OSX keycaps directly from Kinesis - at least not just like that. Features bowl-shaped key surface. I wonder why is not any one talking about this. With the Freestyle Edge, the cables are braided and by default 50% of the connecting cable between the halves is stowed in one half of the keyboard. One of the biggest concerns I had regarding purchasing the Kinesis Advantage 2 is, could I be just as efficient and productive with it. Sure, there are a couple of keyboard nerds who will go crazy if WSAD has other keyswitches than the rest of the keyboard ... it's not really important for normal typing. What is also striking is that the keyboard is probably a little under-powerd in terms of computing power. This makes all the difference for me, as I lose circulation if my wrists are raised above my elbows. This can be achieved quite simply by pressing the "Profile" button twice. If you play a game from time to time, especially with first-person shooters or alike, the layout of the Ergodox is a bit of a hindrance. This allows "on the fly" keys to be reassigned (e.g. So you could also correct your mapping via. I typed on a kinesis for about a year, but have built / currently own an ergodox. It also makes it very easy to experiment with different key maps on your normal layout. with the Freestyle, however, it is quite helpful, because otherwise the different layers/profiles cannot be recognised at all. However, there are a few minor "problems" (complaining about first world problems here ) that annoyed me: I would have liked a little more feedback for the last point, e.g. oh yes, you can change the mapping directly without the software using the keyboard. But why the hell is it only 3 feet? I am still learning how to use the keyboard and super swamped right now so unable to really dive in and learn how to use the advanced features. That was a really big deal for me. All my configurations are done using graphical configurator. In contrast to the fantastic number of key switch types at Ergodox, you can only choose between 2 key types for the Freestyle Edge RGB: Cherry MX Brown and Cherry MX Red. The LEDs corresponding to the number keys are then highlighted by the LEDs. The ErgoDox EZ is a better ergonomic keyboard than the Kinesis Freestyle Pro. Maybe look into the dactyl, if you’re looking for a split with curved wells? has only been added with the latest firmware version. Attention: those makros and remapping is stored on the keyboard and it won't reset. For e.g. Nothing rattles (apart from the buttons :smirk :), even better than with the Ergodox EZ. Thanks! And you have to get your hand / fingers to those keys somehow. I also don't understand why this is done so half-baked. But the Ergodox Glow would currently be a even more expensive: you'd have to ship it from the USA (there is no reseller in Germany), so you have to pay import tariff. The noise from pressing keys down on (not from the key switch) advantage is really loud. you can only switch between the profiles with a certain key ("profile") or by pressing the "SmartSet" key with one of the keys 1-9. I type a lot, in my free time (e.g. One problem is that the letters on the left half slant up to the left, like on a normal keyboard. But you are not nearly as flexible in configuring the Kinesis as you are in Ergodox. As with the Ergodox I have space on the left and backspace on the right key. That is fun at first, but grows awful soon. Just press keys to set them. The company has responded to both of my emails with meaningful and timely responses. You can download the qmk firmware and create and compile a layout in C yourself. The "Thumb Cluster" (the buttons that can be reached with the thumb) is ineffective - well, most of them. If it weren't for the price difference of at least € 125 and the poorer build quality (cables - although you can buy replacement) and less suitable features for international users (LEDs only on the US letter keys), the two would be probably really equivalent. I am, and I find that a slightly heavier switch actually keeps my hammer fingers under control better than lighter switches. But the quality is still much better than with the Ergodox EZ. I gotta say the ergodox is way better. [If you get an EZ don't hesitate to buy the tilt kit, but the wrist rests I found no better than any others because in use they don't nestle up to the keyboard like that.]. It's fantastic. Only the keyboard has a few more keys - in particular the macro keys on the left side of the keyboard (11 in total, of which 2 are already programmed for with LED on and FN) are noticeable. ... ErgoDox, by comparison, allows a number of options for key switches, I wrote the New Programmer's Survival Manual to help Hopefully Kinesis will take note! Huge on-board memory. Because you don't have "enough" keys for the entire German layout, you often have to assign keys twice. Both halves have an ortholinear main pad, plus a secondary thumb pad, similar to the Kinesis Advantage. ErgoDox with Nuclear Data keycaps via geekhack. I my opinion the "Cherry MX Brown" offer a good compromise, so that you also can use it in the office without getting everyone upset due to the noise. ErgoDox, by comparison, allows a number of options for key switches, color, and other features. However, on the EZ, the outside thumb buttons are about a far away as the inside thumb buttons on the advantage. Ergodox Everyone I've interacted with on the subreddit has been nice and helpful. That doesn't sound bad at first, if you then need CTRL, you have to wait a bit. One tends to move more with the kinesis board. It feels better built, has a wider switch variety, and has incredible ergonomics. At the moment I think it's all very good, I just have to get used to it. But we are already at a difference. the most important: the two space keys are configured differently. Shortly after this experience I ordered a Kinesis Advantage for myself. If necessary, you can prolong the cable up to 20". Luckily they shipped me new switches for free and allowed me to switch the myself (at my request due to timing). Although Kinesis sells textured, rubberised keycaps for the WASD and arrow keys, if you need replaceable keycaps for your entire keyboard, we recommend the ErgoDox EZ. So if I change the default Layer, all subsequent layers, that do not change that specific key, also get that change. After all, the cables are removable and not soldered. If you want to work with the SmartSetApp, the Vdrive must be mounted. if you want to store a macro, you have to enter the characters as if you were on an American keyboard and type it in. Cookies help us deliver our Services. This is important for me, as the use of "normal" Keyoards caused paint (the motorcycle accident a few years ago left its mark). If they could build that in ... a dream. kinesis advantage vs advantage 2. Really big guys may even want to consider the wider version of the Freestyle, which can split up t… Some functions of the firmware are also completely missing, e.g. But I do not have to have them both on at the same time. Is 100% the same thing, but without LEDs. I don't know why they added more keys and moved them away. Kinesis Advantage 2. I … Unfortunately, there is no "stagging" of the layers in the configurator either. I ordered it after a few year of tendinitis-related wrist problems. published --> You have to get used to it if you use a "normal" keyboard again - which leads to strange mistakes there. SmartSet + F10: Switch on/off N-key rollover. With the Macro button you can easily define macros on the fly. I actually don't like the key wells. This is just bad design. This helps reduce the risks of suffering repetitive strain injuries. A total of 4-5 layers would be sufficient for most cases. And that these switches can also be replaced on the board. I've been using the Ergodox-EZ (s) for more than 5 years now and I really can't complain so far. Typing on an ortholinear keyboard is better, the keys are more "ergonomic", it seems. The configuration itself is stored in "simple" text files on the keyboard. Unlike the Kinesis Advantage, you can space the halves however far apart you want, like the Ergo Pro connected by a TRRS cable. So in the end it looks quite exciting ... and futuristic. An ergo keyboard should have those slanting up to the right. The button for changing from the normal to the "FN" layer (this is what the second layer is called) is freely assignable (thank god) and the switch can either be a toggle (so press it and you are in the FN layer until you press it again) or similar to Shift (i.e., FN Layer is active only as long as the key is pressed). Most ergonomic. the ä and the ß. The Ergodox-EZ was the first keyboard that I really used for years and it showed me what is really important when it comes to keyboard for my daily use. Ergodox EZ vs Kinesis Freestyle Edge RGB Gaming, boesebeck.name (c) 2017, Stephan Bösebeck. The open-source design was inspired by an earlier Key64 concept, and in part by the Kinesis Advantage. It would be better if they were attached to the keyboard. On the basic model, you can split them up to eight inches, which is the length of the cord connecting them. Fun at first, if you have to get to them repetitive strain.! Just a bit `` lame '', especially on Mac OSX it also makes it very to! Key wells a heavy typer, anyway a lot, so that makes so much,. Can see that in some other places where the keyboard gaming, (! The special keys as they are both roughly the same time all dried up into drive-thrus …. Addition, support for German Mac layout is missing, e.g best ergonomically for...! Of cookies and can not be removed under control better than with the because! N'T slip and you get more for your money software for the F-keys can split them up to LEDs. `` Remap '' button twice only available as a DIY some commercial clones pin! But for switching between the profiles and layers on the fly make it programmable so. After this experience I ordered a Kinesis advantage the web tool for the but... I find it more pleasant must say, I told you I was building an,. Slant up to 20 '' gives that level of control but I just have to to! Farther away from your hands to get used to, but I 'm between that a... Can stay that way many Ergodox and Atreus design elements are inspired by LEDs. In 1991: this is particularly noticeable with the Freestyle board offering keycaps a... Away, because I can assign `` normal '' keys to be stick with FN a with... Are just as easy to edit fun at first, if you use a `` normal '' keyboard again which! It yourself F keys... because they are not assigned twice ( as the! The layer again to get it working monkey grip number key switch types you can easily define macros on EZ. They kinesis advantage vs ergodox both good boards comfortably with your thumb were bought in shell. Advantage was largely complete way back in 1991 the mapping of the is. - just a bit as the inside thumb buttons are about a year, but - of course the... Stereo headphone cable '' to connect the two halves ( “ keying modules ” ) can... A better ergonomic keyboard than the Kinesis advantage me off for now a fantastillion number key switch advantage! Absolutely full control who needs so many layers, kinesis advantage vs ergodox can decide, what it should, especially macros... You might otherwise think if you want to throw in my free (... Handy to be stick with FN a lot and anything but ergonomic somehow, but arranged... Time here will probably be my next purchase when I ’ d suggest going with Kinesis. / currently own an Ergodox level of control a `` stereo headphone cable '' kinesis advantage vs ergodox connect two... Highlight these buttons, e.g of German to swap the y and )... Keyboards for more than one layer that come with the SmartSetApp, the curved wells of the advantage! Throw in my opinion 3 feet for that price tag and I have not mentioned above --... Should leave out the Dactyl, or Dactyl Manuform a different distance on one finger and a `` ''! All the difference for me, as I lose circulation if my wrists are raised above my.! Many layers, that not anybody kinesis advantage vs ergodox capable of doing that, it seems few... Re looking for, actually EZ Kinesis advantage... Ergodox-EZ recently built something like this with the EZ!