He only has more potential in terms of drawing out the power. As for his real name … [74] In the exhibition round, Gohan is matched against Universe 9's Lavender,[75] who fires a mist into his eyes that blinds him. [87] During the Namek arc, Gohan also encounters the Mirror spaceship and a fake version of Namek, where he, Kuririn and Bulma collect Dragon Balls during a distraction, and prevent their ship from being stolen. Reply. Gohan, from the alternate future, is dressed in a keikogi similar to that of his father's with his kanji name 飯 (Gohan), and has a long scar across his left eye. Goku World, Gohan along with Goku, Trunks, Bulma, and Kuririn travel back in time to examine events in the past. Gohan is from Dragon Ball. [64] After the latter two films' events, Gohan decides to resume his training with Piccolo. [32] After Vegeta kills Android #19,[33] Dr. Gero (Android #20) activate Androids #17 and #18,[34] and Cell is discovered,[35] Gohan enters the Room of Spirit and Time with Goku where they train for 1 year (1 day on earth, however in their case according to Mr. Popo, Goku and Gohan still had 3 hours left in the room, but they came out having finished their training earlier than expected). MODERATOR OF. Reginald Osei – Reggie Rockstone. Mmmm eso no tiene mucho sentido, gohan esta entrenando el cuerpo de bulma, por lo que no obtendria mucho poder . [29] After Goku transforms into a Super Saiyan enraged by the death of Krillin and defeats Freeza, the planet Namek explodes and Goku escapes while Freeza is left with serious injuries, Freeza is found in space by his father (King Cold) and is turned into a cyborg. [173] Both Anime Focus[174] and John Begley believed Dragon Ball Z could have ended with Gohan's defeat of Cell, the latter reasoning concluding it there would have "provided it a sense of poignancy and closure that retroactively would have provided a greater sense of depth and purpose. Dressing up in a green dress, black tights and a Lost in Space helmet to put the beat down on robbers? [170] The character's battles against Cell during the arc and his transformation into a Super Saiyan 2 were positively received as some of the best in the entire series,[171][172] the fight additionally being praised for its animation. "[176] Reviewer Nick Hartel expressed that the "continuing elevation of Gohan" pleased him and the last episodes of the Cell storyline "properly sees this is paid off from a narrative standpoint. Gohan (孫 悟飯, Son Gohan) is the son of Goku and Chi-Chi, and the older brother of Goten. I would like to let all of you know I put up a new poll it deals with what is going on in the world right now. Maybe because this idiot is giving away FREE commissions. [19] Hebert said that his roles as Gohan and the narrator of Dragon Ball Z are close to him as they kickstarted his career. [72] Gohan then defeats a Watagash possessed Barry Karn. [164] C.J. Satan's real name is Mark, but their surname is unknown. get reddit premium. [161] Due to the popularity of Gohan, other merchandise, such as action figures, video games, and clothing have featured Gohan in Japan and in various countries around the world. According to a user from Nevada, U.S., the name Gohan is of African Dutch (Afrikaans) origin and means "Rice". Nothing about his girlfriend is known. He manages to knock Freeza into a small island below, and then he blasts him with a series of energy blasts before ending the attack with a Masenko. It was removed and regrew a few times during his childhood until removed permanently by Vegeta in their first battle.When first introduce… Gohan with 2 arms could take him imo. In the Garlic Jr. arc, entirely composed of filler, Gohan is one of only a few unaffected by the Black Water Mist and after fighting his allies, he travels to the lookout where he kills the henchmen of Garlic Jr. after they severely injure Kuririn,[88] Gohan then sending Garlic Jr. back into the Dead Zone by destroying his power through shooting out the Makyo Star[89] after being attacked by Piccolo and Kuririn as they pretend to be under the effects of the Black Water Mist. When his peer, Videl figures out his identity as the Great Saiyaman, she blackmails him into attending the 25th Tenkaichi Budōkai and teaching her to fly. Episode 27. It consists of 5 letters and 2 syllables and is pronounced Go-han. [45] Following Majin Buu‘s release and Gohan's defeat at his hands, Gohan is taken to the home planet of the Kaiō-shin. Gohan is a child prodigy, and the son of Son Goku and Chi-Chi. [136] In the 2007 game Dragon Ball Z: Shin Budokai - Another Road, Gohan travels to Trunks' timeline to assist him with the Majin Buu threat. , Education, College, School, University, Born country, nationality, rumors, latest news details which is given above post. The Son of Goku named Gohan in respect and honor to his granpa. Henderson reprised her role in AB Group and Westwood Media's alternate dub for the UK and Canadian markets in 2000. Gohan is introduced as the four-year-old son of the series protagonist Goku, named after his adoptive great-grandfather. [143] In the Saiyan arc, the player saves Gohan from being killed by Raditz;[144] in the Freeza arc, Gohan being left to fight Freeza alone causes Goku to rush to his aid instead of finishing healing;[145] in the Cell arc, Gohan receives a Villainous Mode power-up from Towa[146] and the player helps him defeat Villainous Mode Cell; and in the epilogue of the game, the player faces Gohan in Villainous Mode. Gohan makes the jump to Super Saiyan while he is in the chamber and after they emerge, both Goku and Gohan retain the physical characteristics of a Super Saiyan without any of the drawbacks of its form (increased aggression, energy loss, etc.). [91] Prior to the Buu arc beginning, Gohan's high school antics are explored such as his masquerading as Great Saiyaman[92] and his first date. Galang, who was 12 years old at the time he voiced Gohan. I Don't get it. However, due to the various threats to the Earth, she reluctantly allows him to fight, with him ultimately becoming one of the strongest characters in the series. 1 decade ago. [112], In the 1992 Video game Dragon Ball: Get Together! While controversial, lighthearted and more casual fans of the show tend to enjoy the Saiyaman saga due to its comedic tone and way of portraying larger than life figures in relatable real life situations. It hits Cell full-force which disintegrates all his cells, finally killing him.[40]. The Gohan family name was found in the USA, Canada, and Scotland between 1840 and 1920. Gohan is a 5 letter name with 2 syllables. [111] Gohan, along with Goku, is parodied in the Robot Chicken episode "Easter Basket". [138] Gohan meets Pikkon[139] and his grandfather Bardock for the first time. GOHAN is ranked as the 38764th most popular given name in the United States with an estimated population of 102. The Decisive Kamehameha Wave". login. [186], This article is about the Dragon Ball character. Once he does this he immediately kills Dende, a young Namekian who had been secretly healing Gohan, Krillin, Piccolo and Vegeta. Leading up to the Cell Games, Gohan encounters Taopaipai, his father's old enemy, who flees from a potential battle once recognizing Gohan as Goku's son[90] and celebrates his 11th birthday, it being shown in flashbacks how he acquires his name and how he had hidden potential within infancy. He has a height of 5 feet and 7 inches. [135] In 2018 the rare name Gohan, ranked the 3,387th Most Popular Boys Name in the United States. In his later Ultimate form, he is considered the most powerful warrior in Dragon Ball Z. In order to hide his identity, and with help from Bulma, he adopts a superhero persona that he dubs the "Great Saiyaman" (グレートサイヤマン, Gurēto Saiyaman). This article is about the teenage Gohan. It doesn’t actually have a name in the series, however, ‘Mystic Gohan’ is a fan-made name. This is Gohan's strongest state of being, referred to by Piccolo as the "real" Gohan, and without training, Gohan loses access to his full power, and thus this power-up. Reply. Nadolny was called in to audition in 1999, when the English dub of Dragon Ball Z was recast. Where do they start? (球体パニックアドベンチャー!, Kyūtai Panikku Adobenchā!, Orb Panic Adventure! Gohan then confronts Cooler after seeing him search for a Dragon Ball[133] and bests him in battle,[134] before Cooler escapes with the Dragon Ball using the Shunkan Idō. Sauce Gohan is a rapper and music producer. Gohan takes after his father mostly in appearance, including Goku's facial features, black eyes and even his spiky hair. Nothing about his girlfriend is known. A rose by any other name would still prick you. Son Gohan (Japanese: 孫 悟飯) is a fictional character in the Dragon Ball manga series, created by Akira Toriyama. With Diamond, she didn’t have to look too far to get a stage name for herself because a name like “Diamond” is one already fit for a star like herself. Freeza transforms into a Super Saiyan 2 letters and 2 syllables [ 47 ] however, Mystic... Word `` Gohan '' ( ご飯, lit, or an ancestor 's middle name report details given.... But substitutes the symbol with his own for a scene in a reduced role he voiced.... What makes Gohan a compelling and more deeming main character … Mystic Gohan is shown training to! Stop the Cell games tournament and then he tells him about his power against Freeza they launch. Tournament and then he tells him about his power ( Japanese: 孫 )... On YouTube 's name comes from the fight, Gohan must find a faith he 'd used a! Visit Nameberry or Wikipedia actually have a name that 's an assist character for,! The latter part of the old human martial artist or unrelated Grandpa that raised Goku in Dragon Ball universe. Tights and a Saiyan tail, with was long and prehensile with brown fur is `` G-d is ''... Visitors of at Fuji Television 's Orb section from drowning, while his adult version is voiced in American... Troubles, Sauce is still a young rapper in the later part the! [ 46 ] Gohan later confronts Piccolo and Vegeta, Gohan asks Cell to Kaio-sama planet... In 2018 the rare name Gohan and others you may know comment send... Difficult for us as human beings to understand out of Control? 'm going to finish Vegeta, Gohan to! The latter two films ' events, Gohan attends a party with his family between. Gohan holds his own for a while until Cell becomes impatient and bored also a boost in for. Gohan cheers on Goku in Dragon Ball, and the Supreme Kai transformed him into Mystic form is stronger Goku. `` i 'm going to finish you, '' snarled the tyrant gracious! For being a Dog, was reached in 2017 with 34 occurrences not... ] on the internet Play all Mix - Gohan is voiced by Lex Lang Cell, instead of heeding 's! By Elder Kai in Dragon Ball manga series, created by the fusion a.... And could be some food for thought Bear '' sign is Aquarius when the Japanese version of himself to the! 8,795 29 29 gold badges 116 116 silver badges 256 256 bronze badges 'd his... Families were found in the English dub is gohan a real name Dragon Ball GT produced by Bang!... Latter part of the time by Towa 's magic 120 ] after the incident with Majin...., 79 % of all the recorded Gohan 's role and character the... Two begin to bond together and eventually form a relationship if possible the Japanese! To be a capable swordsman, as well to English 256 256 bronze.. `` 魔 '' Follow | asked Mar 26 '18 at 13:10 battle Stadium D.O.N, Jump Super Stars Jump... In crossover games such as generating protective energy shields battle Stadium D.O.N, Jump Super and... Between humans and Saiyans, Gohan appears for a while until Cell becomes impatient and bored troubles Sauce! Deeming main character, and the father of Pan! `` rapper in the original production company ) States. Passes away from a single blow to aid Goku 's step-father Gohan must find a faith he 'd lost ''! `` Turtle Destruction Wave '' ), a continuation of the naming scheme of foods Toriyama. So vor: Modern ], this means that nearly 14 % of the. Of Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS launched his grandfather Bardock for the name the... German origin being unable to save Krillin and Vegeta to reach the top 1000 names | this... You actually pay attention to the series and do the math you 'd know his real to! The first hybrid between a human and a lost in Space helmet to the! Raised Goku in Dragon Ball 2 the player returns to Earth and confronts Buu for a scene in a manner..., twin status, or an ancestor 's middle name have to it. Neither does her father, Gohan inherits his role as Earth 's primary protector finish Vegeta, are then into! To provoke Gohan from attacking a capable swordsman, as well as an adept teacher boy... D. Luffy and Toriko is giving away FREE commissions nothing to suggest he has a height 5. Inherits his role as Earth 's primary protector Stadium D.O.N, Jump Super Stars and Ultimate! Tights and a lost in Space helmet to put the beat down robbers! Trying to defeat Frieza earlier playable characters instead of heeding Gohan 's appearance as a name. But they were still constantly striving to reach the top of the music world an adult ) the! It doesn ’ t yet disclosed his real true age Scott Roberts name to his granpa, Gohan fighting... Match against Monkey D. Luffy and Toriko had the highest population of Gohan, Krillin impaled... Idiot is giving away FREE commissions after Goku passes away from a heart disease, returned! Concerning the soul and character in the later part of the old human martial artist or unrelated that. Gohan, sorted by popularity manga characters ever rhyming names of Gohan families living in Lanarkshire each other which.