The best time to fertilize fruit trees is in early spring. Buttercup seeds germinate in late fall, so ensuring healthy pastures before then will help prevent the weed from spreading. The presence of the corm also makes it almost impossible to control buttercup by mowing. Apply the post-emergent herbicide on a dry day to allow the foliage to absorb the chemicals. Therefore, you must also consider the weeds’ size and growth stage. Controlling buttercup weeds is important in livestock areas, where the plant is toxic, but also in the home garden unless you like a tumble of interloc… I have spot sprayed my paddocks for weeds … “One of the most important keys to getting good results is to spray buttercups before they bloom. For example, you should consider seeking regular pest control services from a reputable organization in your area. What is the best spray for killing buttercups. x��\I�$�����$�R�Y���i!�@�|>!�$���KDfdd��3>ix�Ue���Uӷ?Noo������$�����1�?���SN�ϫ�>�����D�ONz��e�f��2}�=��RL����;1�I�n�?��-ߑݝ�|���OoBh-�1BX���E�kv ��U�� �}�q���8�d�����t�Wk�ɤ�������K��}�����>����� ���J���W�������i"D� ��d�f>%�,�䅜��p/ G�(d��_ڸ����u$Yw�W5b�ו�zp Adding in a non-ionic surfactant, sometimes called soap, will improve the herbicide’s effectiveness. Automotive. They differ mainly in leaf shape and growth, but all produce characteristic bright yellow blossoms. %PDF-1.5 Only the most basic herbicide is required to control dandelions. Best time to Oil Spray with Krown. Crops Affected: This is a test: Pest Comments <